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Bard, Google's artificially intelligent chatbot, is now available in Europe and Brazil, competing with ChatGPT

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On July 6, 2023, attendees of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai, China can be seen standing in front of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) sign. File photo courtesy of REUTERS/Aly Song
BRUSSELS, July 13 (BRUSSELS) Alphabet (GOOGL.O) said on Thursday that it would begin rolling out its artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard, throughout Europe and Brazil. This will be the product's largest expansion since its initial introduction in February and will put it in direct competition with ChatGPT, which is supported by Microsoft (MSFT.O).

Both Bard and ChatGPT are computer programs that have a human-like voice and make use of generative artificial intelligence to carry on conversations with users and respond appropriately to a wide variety of questions. The items have sparked worldwide enthusiasm, but with a healthy dose of circumspection.

Companies have begun spending billions of dollars in artificial intelligence in the expectation of earning much more money from advertising and cloud computing. This week, billionaire Elon Musk unveiled his long-awaited artificial intelligence business called xAI. The company's workforce comprises numerous former engineers who worked for Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI.

In addition, Google has recently introduced additional capabilities to Bard, all of which are applicable globally.

According to a statement made by Google's senior product director Jack Krawczyk in a blog post, "Starting today, you will be able to collaborate with Bard in over 40 languages." These languages include Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish.

Hearing something for the first time aloud might sometimes help you approach your concept in a fresh manner... This is very useful if you want to hear how a word should be spoken or if you want to listen to a poem or script.

He said that users now have the ability to adjust the tone and manner of Bard's comments, giving them the option to make them basic, lengthy, short, professional, or informal. They have the ability to bookmark or rename discussions, export code to other locations, and include graphics inside prompts.

Local privacy officials have been holding up Bard's debut in the EU for quite some time. Krawczyk said that since that time, Google representatives held a meeting with the watchdogs to comfort them on matters of transparency, choice, and control.

Amar Subramanya, the engineering vice president of Bard, said in a conference with press that users have the ability to opt out of having their data gathered.

A new class action lawsuit has been filed against Google in the United States alleging that the company improperly used the personal information of its customers to train its artificial intelligence system.

Subramanya did not provide any remark when asked about the possibility of Bard creating a mobile application.

"Bard is an experiment," he said as an additional comment. "We want to be fearless while still being responsible."

In spite of this, there is a possibility that the novelty factor is starting to wear off, as new statistics on Internet users reveal that monthly traffic to ChatGPT's website and the number of unique visitors fell for the very first time in June.

Both Foo Yun Chee in Brussels and Isabel Woodford in Mexico City contributed to this report. Editing and proofreading by Matthew Lewis

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